A downloadable game for Windows


  • Press "C" to shoot
  • Arrow Keys to move
  • Press "R" to restart level

A game of reactionary skill and careful timing, Jacket is a 2D puzzle platformer with fun moments of combat. The game keeps you on your toes by introducing new puzzle elements throughout play, and occasionally throwing a boss battle your way for masochism. If you like a game designed to constantly test and hone your abilities as a player, including practice of trying to stop your fists from destroying your screen in fury, Jacket is for YOU.

Known Glitches (Not game breaking):

  • Door can catch your player
  • Moving Platform can catch your player
  • You can run in place
  • Feet can get stuck in the colored light boxes (can jump out of though)
  • You can trick AI into not seeing you
  • Must run back into crate to move it again
  • If you do not see a glitch on this list, that you may have came across, please comment below.

Not Glitches:

  • Enemy goes through the door on the first laser level, and dies by laser. That is to show you, that the laser will kill.
  • Moving Platform (if in the middle of light boxes) will interrupt it, and disable it. It is supposed to make things more difficult, and make you aware.
  • When jumping on crates in the water, you still lose a bit of health. You are supposed to ration your steps on this level.

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Published Aug 12, 2017
AuthorVenge Studios


Jacket.exe 41 MB

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